Sum numbers column of dependents


Is there an automation that lets you use a numbers column so that a dependency item can display the sum of all the numbers column of its dependents?

So that I can basically do this:



Hey @IvanRivera

Right now this doesn’t exist. Can I ask what’s the use case for this so we can submit the idea to our product team?


Hi Julia,

Really appreciate you getting back to me.

Instead of a dependency column I actually meant to say a mirror/linked column (across boards instead of within the same board).

So if I have a project board (where each pulse is a project) that’s connected to a task board (where each pulse is a sub-task of a project in the project board), I’d like to be able to use a numbers column in the task board to assign each task a budget that is then added to a numbers column within the same board.

Case in point, when one pulse in my project board is mirroring the numbers column of 2 or more linked pulses in my task board, I get the values of each pulse separated by a comma (3000,2000,1000) using the numbers in the example above, instead of the sum, which would be 6,000.

In this vein, it would be nice to have an option where you could sum/avg/etc them similar to what you have in the column footers.

I realize it’s a bit of a fringe use case, and generally find myself wanting to do some operations that are more intuitive in a spreadsheet (but I also realize that the point of Monday is not to be a full-fledged spreadsheet).