Support 0.1.0 version numbers for beta/dev

When an app is in development and version 0 allow the following behaviors for development/beta testing:

Allow limited install (to the account that owns the app only) of any minor version without “going live” with the version.
Allow scope changes at any time without creating a new major version.
Allow changing install/uninstall/callback URLs
Disallow sharing and installing on other accounts.

Hello there,

Matias here!

Thank you for that feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

I will share it with our team.

Regarding the sharing and installing from other accounts, you mange that. If you go to the sharing section in the app, you can choose to just not share it with anyone and in that way, only your account will have access to it.

I will pass everything else to the team!


Correct. I meant a limit during development phase (pre 1.0) that prohibits sharing since the app is in total flux. But not a requirement.

Primary issue is can’t validate install/uninstall without going live.


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