Support Apple 'message://<ID>' URI

Currently, if I put a URI in the Update field that has the format:

message://%3C<email message ID>%3E

This will get displayed in the browser as a partially active URI (i.e. I can click on part of it, but it doesn’t work as expected). On a Mac, that URI specifies a specific email in one’s email. If you go to that URI, it will open the message. I can past the URI into the updates field, but when I do, it underlines only a portion of it and I can’t just click on it. I have to select the whole URI, then use the Apple Services Menu (right click → Services → Open URL) to display the email. It would be great if Monday would detect this URI and present it in a fully link enabled form. I can also copy the URI and paste it into the URL field of any browser and it will also open the message.