Support for board views on mobile

Hi @AlexSavchuk , @Helen - is support for mobile board views coming any time soon? We need this as our use case is likely to be used via mobile more than desktop.

Alternative is developing own mobile web app, but that is much more painful and obviously won’t be as seamless as having already authenticated user with access to monday SDK in board view.

Hi @BraveCarto!

I’m assuming you’re asking about developing board view apps, right? If so, I think a closer comparison would be with Item Views (give the size and real estate of the view you’re seeing).

We do have plans to release apps on mobile, but it won’t be as flexible as with apps on desktop.

In any case, to start, I think it would be best to design your mobile app view based on an Item View. Some methods in the SDK will be supported and others will not. If you want to let me know more about which methods you were looking to use, I can let you know if it is going to be supported.


Thanks @Helen!
Yes, it’s about developing a board view, or rather enabling mobile view for a view we have in existing desktop board view.

The SDK methods current desktop app uses:

  • listen("context", ...)
  • listen("settings", ...)
  • listen("events", ...)
  • api
  • setToken
  • get("sessionToken")

Will any of the above cause trouble?

What is the rough timeframe for availability of mobile apps? Are we talking weeks or months?


Hi @BraveCarto!

Months would be a more accurate timeline. It’s still a bit far off.

As of the current moment though, monday.get(context) and monday.api() are both supported. I don’t believe the monday.listen() methods will be implemented, but since nothing is set in stone I can’t say for certain. Last I heard monday.setToken() is in the books, and I’m getting confirmation for monday.get("sessionToken").

If I were you, I would definitely rely more heavily on the two methods I listed above. I think this would be the safest bet, since they’re already available.

I’m moving this to our Feature Requests section too, so that once released we can give you a formal update!

Ok, thank you.
I wonder how are settings and context delivered if no via monday.listen("settings", ...) etc.?

Hi @BraveCarto!

You can still use monday.get(settings) and monday.get(context), but you just won’t be able to use the monday.listen() methods.

The only real difference is that without .listen(), you would have to constantly be querying and comparing the differences in order to listen for changes.

That makes sense, thank you.


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