Sync Issues: Pulses not updating without refresh

My team is having major issues with boards not syncing/updating. If we don’t do a forced refresh, we are consistently working with outdated information that is typically different for each user depending on who updated what. The platform will actually allow people to post updates and change statuses in pulses that have been moved or deleted. Upon refresh, when the user tracks down the pulse that was updated, they’ll see that their changes weren’t saved, but in the “Last Updated” column, it shows the timestamp of the changes that are missing and shows them as the last person to update it.
The performance of the sync is absolutely critical to keeping everyone up-to-date and right now it’s causing major issues. We’ve had to resort to running an auto-refresh add-on in Chrome, but that solution has its own issues (it stops working if someone closes that tab or quits Chrome) and should not be considered a real fix for the problem.

Hey Andrew,

Thank you so much for reporting this. It sounds like there might be a bug and we prefer to deal with bugs through so we can provide the quickest and best experience. I will email you from there to discuss this issue further so we can begin to investigate and find a solution.