Sync'd Printable & Editable Form View when clicking on pulse instead of cards


I’m adding this as a feature request after commenting the same below in an this FAQ about reporting pulse data into a pdf - Any integration / app / workaround for Reporting item info to a PDF?

We are looking for a native integration to take how we use monday to the next level. Now that we are fully invested in monday I am trying to pull some of our other paid services into monday as well. We use a company called doForms which allows you to build very customizable forms with built in file attachments, barcode scanning, picture attachments, any text, dropdowns, checkboxes, AND also Signature capture!

Our specialty contractor business offers installation and service field work at multiple client sites every week on big and small projects and we like to do a data capture about the installation (project #, sales order#, Date, grab pictures, serial numbers, and a client signature most importantly. This is able to be captured from a mobile device via app or browser and also from a PC. ALL GREAT FEATURES that I would like to replace with monday! This service all requires manual entry which is the only down-side whereas monday has some of the project data already where we use it to track projects and their status.

Where monday could be stronger if it were able to do most of the above in addition to pre-loading a customizable form entry view (somewhat in reverse of how forms works now) and stays in sync with the pulse. Basically what I want to see is when you click on a pulse and it brings up the updates / Info Boxes / Activity Log screen for their to be another tab with this customizable view that can be organized any way you like it. I see that something similar to this has been done with one of their monday labs apps for Cards I believe but that card view wasn’t really able to be edited and would look like hot garbage if that was something you were trying to present to a client for an acceptance sign-off on a large project.

I want drag and drop, resizing, ability to organize the pulse items and how they look (radio buttons, drop down, date pickers, people pickers, file upload with picture thumbnails, etc). This fantastic editable form view should also be something that can be emailed in pdf format once completed and emailed to the client if there is an email column for them, the “people” selected like project manager, sales person, and person filling it out the form with the client.

I would find integration like this much more useful to many people as opposed to many of the apps that have been created. Monday is so powerful and seemingly has ability to do much of this but I think there needs to be development into also making it a badass form builder so that it can replace other platforms that are doing that part better but those suffer on the database side. This would also take us from a 20 seat license up to 40-50 as we would be able to increase the amount of users coming off one platform into monday.

Hope more people would find this useful as well!