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Hi, I’ve been tasked with moving our companies dated series Excel spreadsheets to a CRM/project management software and have found to suit us the best. However I’m really disappointed that you can only sync up Outlook and Gmail email addresses without using a third party. We have our own domain for our email addresses and need to be able to see the chain of communication within our CRM between us and our customers. I’m really surprised this hasn’t been addressed by as surely a lot of their users rely on their own domain email addresses.
Anyway, I’m looking to see if anyone has had any successful experience in syncing an own domain email to Monday. I tried zapier earlier but ended up archiving the board i was trying to sync it up to.



Do you know what your backend mail server is? Just in case you were not aware, both Outlook and Gmail can be setup with your own domain… almost always how they are setup for businesses.

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Hi @linbaba - As @JCorrell correctly pointed out, if you migrate your email hosting to Gmail, you can keep using your domain but take advantage of all the Gmail integrations (in monday and other tools!). For example, my email is and it is managed through Gmail. Thus we have our calendars and email nicely sync’d up with monday․com through Google.

We used to host our own email but a couple of years ago my team convinced me to switch to Gmail hosting and email management. It’s been great and has opened up a ton of integration options.

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