#Tags vs. Dropdown

Hi All. From what I can see, Tags and Dropdowns look similar. I could have tags #internal and #external or dropdown internal and external. Both can show up on a list and be multi-selected. Is there any guidance when to use one over another, pros / cons, functional differences? To me it looks like they convey the same information.


Hi @BruceB
I favor dropdown over tags mainly because tags can be somewhat confusing. There are tags that are bound to a board and there are account wide tags. Shareable and private boards have local tags (scope = board) where public / main boards has tags with an account scope. This can become messy specially if you have a tags with the same name in both types of boards. In that scenario the items looks to be tagged the same but they aren’t (because of the different scope).

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Hi @BruceB - I completely agree with @basdebruin on this one. While tags have their place, we always lean towards Dropdown column-types mainly for the reasons Bas mentioned.

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It looks like @basdebruin has a great answer regarding the general difference between the uses of the Dropdown Column and the Tags Column!

You can also refer to the articles below to learn more about each column in general:

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