#Tags vs. Dropdown

Hi All. From what I can see, Tags and Dropdowns look similar. I could have tags #internal and #external or dropdown internal and external. Both can show up on a list and be multi-selected. Is there any guidance when to use one over another, pros / cons, functional differences? To me it looks like they convey the same information.


Hi @BruceB
I favor dropdown over tags mainly because tags can be somewhat confusing. There are tags that are bound to a board and there are account wide tags. Shareable and private boards have local tags (scope = board) where public / main boards has tags with an account scope. This can become messy specially if you have a tags with the same name in both types of boards. In that scenario the items looks to be tagged the same but they aren’t (because of the different scope).

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Hi @BruceB - I completely agree with @basdebruin on this one. While tags have their place, we always lean towards Dropdown column-types mainly for the reasons Bas mentioned.