Task rows slightly lighter - What does this mean?

Does anyone know what it means when a task line is slightly ‘greyed out’ see the screenshot of a small example… I can’t find a common denominator and would love to know what this means.

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 11.54.09 am


@clare On mine, it just means that it’s the last one you clicked on. You may have just finished changing its status.

I cannot grey out a whole line. Just one “cell” at a time.

If you click anywhere else on the board, that Status colour should revert to the normal, full strength colour.

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@JohnW Hmm, that would make sense! but… I have a few lines ‘greyed’

@clare Hmm, I cannot replicate that here. It’s one greyed out cell at a time.

do @staff reply to these threads?

hey @clare the support team does check the forums from time to time.

For odd behaviors like this we recommend that you send us an email to support@monday.com so we can understand the issue and isolate it.

If you can let us know what browser you are using and if you have clear the cache on the browser to see if that takes care of this issue.