Task & Subitem Updates - Allow Group Modify

When we’re managing large, complex efforts that have a large number of teams involved, we heavily utilize groups, tasks, subitems, and checklists (in updates). At times, I’ll build on a checklist item for something like ‘Install/Configure Appserver1’ and make a few tasks (rack space request, cable request, install & configure OS, etc.). A colleague of mine might need to add some things to that checklist. Let’s say I leave a spot for a ServiceNow request number (Cable Request - REQ######) and when they put in that request, they want to come in an update the ###### to match the request #. If we could have a drop down option on the update (where the 'pin to top, copy link to update, edit update, etc. options are) to set ‘allow board members to modify’ that would be great.