Team tasks not listed in My Week when filtering by person

I just noticed that tasks associated with a Team do not appear when you filter by a person in that team. I think it would be better to include team tasks as well if searching for a person in that team so that a task does not get lost.


Hey @rick,

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your concerns. I definitely agree and think this would be a good feature to add to the platform. I can not guarantee anything, but I will be sure to pass this along to our product team for review. :slight_smile:


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Thanks @JustinJ. In the meantime, our team has decided to stop using the Team feature for all tasks. Instead, we are manually adding people in that team to the People column.

Same for us.

We have concluded that Teams is not usable with the current filtering restrictions in My Week. Easier to assign individuals one by one to each pulse even though it takes a little longer initially. Pulses don’t get missed by individual team members in My Week then.

Hopefully Teams improves soon. It’s a shame that we cannot use a potentially sophisticated feature because of details like this.

I see Teams as a kind of tagging tool. Individuals in each Team should still be able to see their individual tasks - individual tasks or Team tasks - in My Week regardless of which Team they are a member.

My Week could then look something like:

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