Technical Service to Project Management Board

Currently we have a project template. Each time a Project is approved in one board, a new Project board is created from the project template and organized within a folder.

In another board, we have a list of our technical services. 1 service will be an item with the subitems being work that needs to be performed under that service.

We are looking for a way to easily have a PM select that service from the service board (with its subitems) and have it populate into the new project board. Manually this can be done - project board is created, PM can go to service board and copy the item (with subitems) and move the newly copied item to the project board. What we are really looking for is a more streamlined way of doing this - something automated. I almost think of it as a product library - adding to a cart in a way.

Any thoughts on this workflow or anyone have a similar case?