Text Filter Options - Removed Function

Hi all

Long-time user, first-time community poster.

I have found that since around November 2021, a basic text search function is now no longer available which used to be.
The ability to filter a text entry by the “begins with” option.

The only option for text filtering is now by method of “contains”. However, the below example will show this is not always a feasible option to return the data required.

For example, postcodes in the UK are generally 1/2 letters, then 1/2 numbers, then 1 number and finally 2 letters. (for example AB12 3DE).
As the initial letters of the postcode denote the geographical location (ie BN is Brighton region and CV is Coventry region) when using a “contains” search for BN you will receive matches of the Brighton area (BN) postcodes, but would also retrieve any match for other regions which END in BN (i.e. RG1 4BN or DT6 9BN etc…)
If we had the option of “begins with” again we could accurately filter data to only show jobs available to be complete within the Brighton (BN) area.

This means searching using contains has limits when searching the text field and with the removal of the “begins with” option there is no workaround, other than to export the entire board (over 4,000 items across multiple group headings in my board) and run the filters in Excel. Making changes directly in the spreadsheet, then re-importing this to Monday to update adjusted fields.
This seems to pretty much defeat the option of using Monday, as we then loose the “live data” benefit and need to rely on a successful export and re-import every time data needs to be manipulated (currently 2/3 times a day in our business).

Could I please place a formal request through community to re-instate the “begins with” text filter option as I’m sure I can’t be the only one who either misses this option, or would find it useful to be available once again.

Many Thanks