Text() number() boolean() select() functions missing from monday-ui-react-core component

Taking the code from here:

      placeholder={text("Placeholder", "default placeholder")}
      debounceRate={number("Debounce Rate (see console log)", 0)}
      iconsNames={{ primary: "Primary Icon - could be any icon" }}
      iconName={text("Primary Icon Name", "fa-circle")}
      secondaryIconName={text("Secondary Icon Name", "")}
        "Validation State",
          None: null,
          Error: { status: "error", text: "error" },
          Success: { status: "success", text: "success" },
          Assist: { status: "", text: "assist text" }
        { status: "", text: "assist text" }
      disabled={boolean("Disabled", false)}
      readonly={boolean("Readonly", true)}
        { Small: TextField.sizes.SMALL, Medium: TextField.sizes.MEDIUM, Large: TextField.sizes.LARGE },
      clearOnIconClick={boolean("clear data in icon click", true)}
      labelIconName={text("FieldLabel Icon Name", "fa-envelope")}
      title={text("Text filed label", "FieldLabel")}
      showCharCount={boolean("show hide char count", true)}
      required={boolean("Filed is required", false)}

I’ve also imported TextField:

import TextField from "monday-ui-react-core/dist/TextField.js"

When I run the app, none of the above functions are defined:

Line 22:20: ‘text’ is not defined no-undef
Line 23:21: ‘number’ is not defined no-undef
Line 25:17: ‘text’ is not defined no-undef
Line 26:26: ‘text’ is not defined no-undef
Line 27:19: ‘select’ is not defined no-undef
Line 38:17: ‘boolean’ is not defined no-undef
Line 39:17: ‘boolean’ is not defined no-undef
Line 40:13: ‘select’ is not defined no-undef
Line 45:25: ‘boolean’ is not defined no-undef
Line 46:22: ‘text’ is not defined no-undef
Line 47:14: ‘text’ is not defined no-undef
Line 48:22: ‘boolean’ is not defined no-undef
Line 49:17: ‘boolean’ is not defined no-undef

Hi @iateadonut!

All of our design components come directly from our monday-ui-react-core repo. You can find the link to it here: https://github.com/mondaycom/monday-ui-react-core.

I think the above link will provide a bit more clarity on how to import these features!

I’m sorry, I don’t get it.

The function I’m referring to is like the text() function from this line:

placeholder={text("Placeholder", "default placeholder")}

I have the following imports:

import TextField from "monday-ui-react-core/dist/TextField.js"
import "monday-ui-react-core/dist/main.css"

Hi @iateadonut,

No worries! Okay, so actually I see that the issue you’re running into is that you’re actually including the constructors for each of the Text fields.

Instead, it should be something along the lines of

placeholder="This is my placeholder text"

So on and so forth. So you don’t need the prompts for each field type (i.e. you don’t need to include “text” or “number” etc. etc.)

Give this a try and let me know if it helps!

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