The ability for recurring boards, or rolling boards forward

My firm is currently looking into for our project management needs, and one of the biggest checkmarks in the “CON” column of pros and cons for us is the inability to make boards recurring, or the ability to roll a board.

We CANNOT be the only ones frustrated by this! I mean, if there were an automation that said:

When all ITEMS on THIS BOARD have the STATUS of SOMETHING, create NEW BOARD.

Or, duplicate the board, or roll the board…or something! We want to keep and archive the information, then we’ll have to manually re-create the board for next year?

There’s got to be a better way!

Hi, @hcardwell Heidi - Welcome to the community!

While there isn’t an automation as you described, the template feature should make your life much easier. You can definitely avoid manually rebuilding the board from scratch. Not sure if you’ve explored that yet, so here is a video clip of where you can find it -