The beta for monday Apps Framework is live!

We’re super excited to update you that the monday Apps Framework is now released to beta!

You can open it by clicking on your avatar inside your account, and then clicking on monday.labs and activating ‘monday Apps’. Once it’s activated, click again on your avatar and on ‘Developers’ to start building.

The monday Apps Framework gives developers the ability to build custom board views and widgets, with automations and integrations coming soon!

The apps you’ll build now will be for use inside your own account. The next phase will allow you to share your app with specific accounts and eventually, the entire monday user base through the apps marketplace.

Information and documentation
Check out this documentation for guides on how to get started and for a quick overview, check out our overview page.

Our technical support team will be answering questions about the monday Apps Framework, right here :slight_smile:

We can’t wait to see what you’ll build!
The monday Apps team
@dipro @Ben


First of all, congratulations on this milestone!
I’ve been using for some time now and was very excited to see that there was focus set on low-code for the future.

I do have a question, though: how does this Apps Framework tie to the overall low-code approach? I do see the value for developers, but to me low code is more about non-developers building stuff. Is this a stepping stone towards something else?
I fail to see how a non-developer would be able to build an app within the framework without having to actually learn React.


I am looking forward to creating robust apps for the marketplace. Thanks again for this opportunity!

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Hi Pablo!
We are looking at Monday platform in general as a no-code platform, which means that it allows you to create a solution as a stack of different Monday capabilities. In regard to this we are planning to add more capabilities for packaging templates, apps, integrations, automations, and other parts of the platform together to create a full vertical solution.
Monday Apps framework is a part of it, which allows developers to create custom features such as Board Views, Widgets, and many more in the future with a low-code approach. Low-code here means that the framework will give you as much infrastructure as possible, so you, as a developer, can focus on the business logic of your application. This includes hosting, storage APIs, and many more infrastructure capabilities in the future.

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