The Master Board workflow. How to manage all your projects from one board (with template)

Hi Pedro,

Your templates are great, please is there any chance you could send me a copy of your template for Managing risks ?

Hi, @PedroM. If I have several project templates and a single master board, how do I change the Portfolio automation to create the appropriate project type? Is there a way to read the project type from a dropdown menu, for instance?

Hi @jdw ,
First you have to create the new project template. Then, in the Portfolio board you have to add a new field in the column “Create Project”. That field will launch the creation of projects using the second project template. You can have as many project templates as fields.

Finally, you have to create a new automation in the Portfolio to connect the new project template with that status.

Hope it helps!

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Thanks for all of your help @PedroM ! A couple more follow up questions:

  • Is it possible to mirror subitems from the Master Board as well?
  • I couldn’t identify the automation for naming items on the master board. If I change the name of the Project No. column in the template, will naming still work properly?

Hi @jdw ,

  • Currently is not possible to show individual subitems in mirror columns but you can use subitems both in the Master board or in the project board. You can show, for instance, the summery of the subitem status column to see a high level overview of the progress from the project to the Master board that it’s usually the more common approach.
  • The Project No. is added during the configuration of the project board to be able to incorporate it as part of the name of the activity for a better visibility. If you change it after the initial set up you will need to update it in the specific activities. Just filter by the Project No. and update all those items.
    Hope it helps!

Why only a couple of my boards/workspaces show up in “My work” and not ALL of them?

@PedroM I just tried to share the master board with a friend, but it looks like your checkout page isn’t working and the app is not available in the Monday app store. Is the Master Board framework still available?

Hi @jdw, yes it’s available and with new features. You can find it here:

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The Master Board is one fantastic solution for a small one time investment. Really great work!

Would love a copy of this pls Pedro as well as your previously published Risk management solution.