There is no "add fields" button in the "view settings" pane in the "board" view on a new app

Following this tutorial: Quickstart Guide: Views & Widgets - I get to Part 3, step 2: “On the “View Settings” pane on the right, select the blue “Add Field” button. This will let you add a new field to your feature’s settings.”

There is no “Add Field” button on my screen:


Hey @iateadonut :wave:

My warmest welcome to the community! Thanks for reaching out.

It seems like you are currently in Preview mode, and not Edit mode. Changing to Edit mode should solve the issue for you, and show the Add fields button

On Preview mode, the option won’t display:

I hope this helps clarify.


Yes, you’re right.

I was looking for a blue bootstrap-esuue button, so I guess I overlooked the plain text button.


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