There was an error building IaC


I’m reading the following documentation: Getting started with monday code

And I’m stuck on mapps code:push.

I receive this message when I try to push my code to the Monday account:
There was an error building IaC. (addbee8d-29d2-49de-b01f-44b1164b166a)

Is there any other step I forgot? Could you guys help me on this?

Thank you!

Hi @marcelo1
Thank you for writing us :slight_smile:

As I checked with the team you are receiving this message because we are experiencing a problem with our capacity for monday-code service.

The team is working to solve it ASAP and I will update you when it is resolved.

I’m apologizing for the inconvenience.

Happy holidays

Hi @marcelo1

The issue was fixed.

Please give it a try and let us know if you face an issue.

Happy holidays :slight_smile:


@TomFri is there a status page where we can see details of service outages?

Perhaps even subscribe to the page so we don’t need to bother you with similar questions in the future?

Hey @marcelo1 and @dvdsmpsn,
We are planning something around that as the project comes out of beta, not yet sure on what exactly. It might be a status page, but it also might be something simpler inside the dev center in the monday code section.

Thank you for the feedback and we apologize for this inconvenience