Time Field & Dashboard Leaderboards

It would be great if we could have a time field. like 01:04:30 for 1 hour, 4 Mins and 30 Seconds. I would love to have a board where my team could quickly record a time.

Use case 1 - A wellbeing board where my team can record how long they spent on a run/ walk, with the time and the distance could be a number column. Then I could use a dashboards to display average times, pace, total distance etc. Leaderboards would be amazing too as an end goal to show who has spent the most time, covered the most distance etc. This is more of a fun HR use case but leaderboards are also incredibly useful when managing sales performance too.

Use case 2 - Quick alternative to time tracking for tasks completed. Sometimes you just want to quickly add a time for how long a task took and you don’t want to have to calculate the start time/ end time like you need to with the time tracking column. You also need an hour, minute and second so you can’t use a numbers field.

Use case 3 - adding a column such as average time spent on website.

Thanks Monday, really think they would be a great addition!