Time tracking column and dashboard possible improvements

Here are some features we’d love to have and want to know if there’s a current work around we can do:

(Note: All these features are related with your time tracking feature)

  1. We noticed that team members can actually delete/edit their logged hours and the logged hours of OTHER Team Members. This comes as a serious problem. We’d like to request an option to prevent this from happening. Maybe a “restrictions option”-- one that allows:

a. Restriction that inhibits members to delete,/edit the logged hours of their other team members

b. Restriction that limits the members who has the ability to delete/edit logged hours of team members (on our case, we’d like our operations team to only have the ability to delete and/or edit the logged hours of other people

c. Restriction that allows a member to delete/edit THEIR OWN logged hours but not of others

d. Restriction that inhibits deletion/edition overall.

  1. We noticed that once a team member edits the other members’ logged hours, the edited hours are then logged as theirs and not of the previous time logger. (ex. Person A logged a time. Prerson B had to edit it accordingly. The logged time is now owned or tagged as Person B’s not by Person A). We’d like to request an option that allows certain members (on our case, the operations team) to have control over editing other members’ logged hours, but setting it as another members time and not of our operations team. (ex. Operations member logs or edits a time for Person A and still the time is logged/recorded as Person A’s and not by Operations member). In line with this, still having a restriction option which specified who among the members have the ability to do this.

  2. We noticed that time tracked under the subitems are not automatically logged in the parent item. We’d like to request that the hours logged in the subitems be automatically summed or reflected in the parent item as well. As for the time tracking log history, it would be very helpful if how it looks is the logs for the parent item are listed, and then below each subitem for that parent item are listed and each can be clicked/chosen. Once clicked/chosen, it then reflects as well the log hours for that subitem. Maybe something that looks like this:


Parent Task

Person A - 5 mins

Person B - 5 mins

Person C - 5 mins


Subitem 1

Person A - 5 mins

Person B - 5 mins

Subitem 2

Person A - 5 mins

Person B - 5 mins

And then in the time tracking column it’s already the total hours that is reflected, in the case of our example it will be 35 mins. Aside from that we wish to export to excel the logged hours in this format as well so that it is easier to see and compare.

  1. We noticed that for the time tracking widget, the only hours it reflects is the one from the parent task. So we’d like to have a widget as well that reflects the hours for the subitem. This is so our team members can have a quick glimpse of the overall time they have logged or worked on (both for parent tasks and subitem tasks). If you guys opt to have the time tracking column already reflect a sum of the log times both for parent and subitem tasks, then the current dashboard would be all good (again, important is the members get to see their OVERALL worked hours). But having a separate widget for subitem time tracking as an option would also be good.

  2. Also, if we can have a small pop-up up maybe that shows and reminds if you have current active timers. There were instances that our members forgot to stop their timers for a specific task in a specific board as they to some tasks simultaneously, or jump from one task to another that they forget to stop the timers for some task. It would help a lot if have a task bar or pop-up for this as well.

Hope we’d get the soonest response and action towards these feature requests. And hoping for your consideration.

Thank you so much!

Really important feature. We need this too.

Yes! All of this. Thank you for writing this out so clearly.

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