Time tracking dashboard should calculate from subtasks as well

Not having this feature is most likely the most frustrating thing about Monday. My two most desired features is being able to do time tracking on the sub items and report on it accurately.

This is also becoming a deal breaker for us too. Since you cannot have employees track time on the same task simultaneously, and you ALSO don’t have a notes feature, we need a way for them to track on the same project at the same time and add a note so we know what they are working on. So we use Subtasks. Why have the feature to add a Subtask time tracking if we don’t have reporting on it?
Yes, we can see how much time was tracked with the rollup feature, but it doesn’t show the time employees clock over a period of time and doesn’t account for the project and time frame in a reporting dashboard (which is what we use for client billing). PLEASE fix this ASAP!

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Bump. This makes monday.com adding time tracking to subitems essentially redundant. The tracked hours feature should be available from timetracked subitems.

Agree with all of the above…subtask time tracking without rolling up to the parent task is a headache. Also while at it, allow an option to forecast time in the future (for companies who have to submit timecards on Friday morning for a payroll period that ends on Saturday. This is common for consulting companies for timely client billing.)

This is a feature that is a must right now as there is no easy way to work around the lack of this feature

just commenting so hopefully i am notified when this comes out. I am also very interested in this. I assume if people keep asking. eventually we will get it.