Time Tracking Group Total in API

I’ve got a board with multiple groups and in each group there is a time_tracking column where my team logs their time. On the board there’s a sum of the time for that group that I can see on the page, but I can’t seem to find a way to get that time total out of the API.

So for example
Task 1: 5h 30m
Task 2: 1h 15m
Task 3: 3h

The query would return 9h45m (or something that represents that amount of time like the total number of seconds, something like that). Is that sum total field accessible via API?

hi @jmartin_mtp

Welcome to the community! Totals (group, board, any column) are values calculates in the frontend and therefore not (as a total) available through the API. You need to query all the items you want the total for, iterate through them and sum the return values.

Thanks for confirming. I was hoping that wasn’t the case but it explains why I couldn’t find anything about those values in the documentation.