Time Tracking (total time tracked should be cumulus of subtasks and main task)

I am a part of a small creative agency and we use Monday as our main task management software. We have been using it recently to understand the time we spend on each project/client. Sometimes sub-tasks are added as we go through a task and if time-tracking is done on the subtask, the total time tracked is just a cumulative of subtasks but stops taking into account the time tracked in main task. It would be great is the ‘Total time tracked’ is an overall addition of all tasks, sub and main included.

Would love to know what the Monday team thinks and if there is a particular reason to have this feature this way. Is there a way to modify the time tracking system as per our team’s working style? Thanks :slight_smile:

@mondayteam Yes PLEASE!
Subtasks allows me to organize my tasks properly but I can’t get the times from sub items to add to the total time. This causes discrepancies in time and pay.

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We were struggling with a similar thing and found something that may work…

I can’t tell if my image is attached, but add a number’s column to the subitem, then set it to “show summary on Parent Item”. Then, in add a parent item column (ex: Total Planned Effort) with a formula that uses the main item number unless there’s a subitem number IF({Subitems Planned Effort}>1,{Subitems Planned Effort}, {Planned Effort})

In your workload widget settings just point it to the Total Planned Effort column. This way we get all the hours and no duplication.

The only issue is that if you assign multiple people to a task, you have to choose to split the time equally or add them.

Is there a way to ADD the two numbers?

For example, I am working on a Marketing project. I have completed 5 hours on the main task. Then I find something else needing to be done which I add as a subitem and track the time under that subitem. However, I do not want to lose the existing 5 hours.

I am not very familiar with these types of formulas.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Hi Amanada,

Is your desire to add the sum of the subitems to the main item? If that’s the case your formula is just the sum of the two columns. SUM({Planned Effort},{Subitems Planned Effort})

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I tried this formula and the sum is not in a time format… Is there a way I can format the result to be hh:mm?

Note: The subitems total column does exist, it is just not visible in this screenshot*

I also found a note in the functions section, but the suggested formula did not work either. This one gave me an error that says “Illegal Formula”. I copied and pasted it directly from the Monday List of Available Functions, only changing the column titles.

Here is the function:

(ROUNDDOWN(({Time Tracking} + {Subitems Time Tracking})& "h " & ": " & (ROUND(MOD(({Time Tracking}+{Subitems Time Tracking}), 3600)/60, 0)) & “m”))

Hi Amanda,

I haven’t tried formatting time that way. If I get a chance to poke around at it and find something I’ll let you know.

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Hi Amanda,

I was looking at the Monday community and it seems there are some folks that are really good at formulas and formatting. You might find some answers with them… https://community.monday.com/t/format-formula-column-to-show-minutes-and-hours/38796?u=dolph


Perfect! Thank you!
This is very similar to what I am trying to accomplish and looks like it should work, I will have to try it!

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Happy time tracking,

Lukas, Avisi Apps

We use the formula column in the same way and add in a condition for when the task has subtasks so that the task time =0 and just calculates the subtasks

@monday-team This is an essential and seems like an easy fix! Please look into this as we are considering moving away