Time Tracking Viewable Report

Hi everyone.

I would like to suggest in my opinion very useful feature for time tracking.
We are overpaying 8$ per person only for this time tracking feature with such limited functionality ;(
Its great for reporting what task a person spent most time on the total working hours and that is it.

But i would like to see more:
For example:

  • Day breakdown like this person worked from 1.20-2 pm on this task. 2-2.20 on this and so on. Its impossible to have this breakdown in exported file
  • Break down by priorities: This week this person worked 15h on regular tasks / 15 on high priority and 3 on medium
  • Week to week comparison on a regular tasks. how much he spends on the same task weekly
  • Most of the time this person works in these hours from 1-3 and from 7-9 pm.

There is a cool app on the market and it free - called clockify - make an integration please!
Add more ideas here and lets make this feature great rather than just okay.

Hi @tom2 - Our recommendation for an excellent Time Tracking app currently available for monday․com is priced at only $3/user. Have you checked out this one? https://www.omnitas.se/omnitas-time-reporting-solution/ @Thomas-Omnitas can tell you more about it.


Hey @tom2!

Like @PolishedGeek said. Our app is built to put Harvest, toggle and Clockify functionality inside of Monday.com without the need for an integration.
Instead of using the time tracking column we provide a traditional Time sheet/ reporting table view to enter hours per day for your different projects and activities.
The app structure the data in such a way that you can use it in any way you want for reporting purposes.

There is a 14-day trial. Please check it out and let me know if it solves your needs.

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