Time Zones in Activity Logs

I have an application that pulls information from the activity log, including the times listed for items created, updated, etc…, and I’m working with clients in a different time zone. I’m wondering if all time-related data is entered into and stored in the activity log itself in UTC time, or if the data is ever converted (whether while going in, being stored, or coming out of the board) according to the client’s local time setting.

The reason I’m asking is that I’m having them specify a date/time range to query the activity log with, and I need to know whether to tell them to specify a time in their local time, to convert to UTC first before specifying the time, or if the time zones will be different anyway depending on the timezone of the logged-in user who performed the action stored in the activity log.


Hey @Msh :wave:

The time stamps in our platform (for example, the activity log) are all translated to a user’s current local time.

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So that means that they are translated from the users time to Monday’s time when they are put in the Activity log, stored as Monday’s time, and when they come out of the activity log they are translated from monday’s time to the User’s time?

Are there any cases where there would be a timestamp that would actually be stored directly as inputted (i.e. as the user’s time)? Or Is the activity log strictly storing timestamps in Monday’s timezone?