Timeline from start and end date

How can we create a column that takes 2 date columns (start and end) and converting them to a timeline field? Didnt think this was necessary but the gantt widgets and calendar only work with timelines otherwise they are unable to display properly.

hi @lebmelvin

There is an app for that in the marketplace called “Start + End = Timeline”

Will it actually be a timeline column in Monday? If not a Gantt Chart will not population correctly.

hi @dralph

Yes, the app read two dates columns and syncs it to a real monday.com Timeline column.

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Hey @basdebruin - And your app will also work with the new Timeline & Numbers combo (timeline and duration combo columns)? Or no?
~ Deb

hi @PolishedGeek , Deb

Yes, it does work with the new combo (timeline connected to numbers). In fact, since today you can configure bidirectional synching (Dates>Timeline and Timeline>Dates) as the app recognizes infinite loops and breaks the loop after the first sync is done.

With the combo: a timeline change because of the duration change will updates the start and end dates. Changing the dates will update the timeline AND the duration (numbers column).

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