Timeline-Visualization type= milestone

What does “Visualization type= milestone” specifies ?
How to differentiate between planned and actual timelines??
When I try to run below query,I got values for timeline as a single field ,not as two different fields?
{boards(ids: 1123282008)
{ items
{ id
subitems {
column_values {

How to pull these fields?

Hello @AditeeR,

The Timeline column can be accessed using this query, for example:

query {
    items (ids: 12345678) {
        column_values {

If you’re using a Timeline column, you will see a response like this:

  "text": "2022-07-22 - 2022-08-14",
  "value": "{\"to\":\"2022-08-14\",\"from\":\"2022-07-22\",\"changed_at\":\"2022-07-21T12:00:00.000Z\"}"

Our API does not access milestone data.

Hi Alessanra,
I am getting Visualization=milestone in the value field for some of the ids:

“id”: “timeline”,
“text”: “2022-02-17 - 2022-02-17”,
“value”: “{"to":"2022-02-17","from":"2022-02-17","changed_at":"2022-06-15T15:44:16.696Z","visualization_type":"milestone"}”

But from this data how can I identify that which one is Actual timeline and which is planned timeline?
Does ‘visualization_type":"milestone’ will make any significance in differentiating them?

Hello there @AditeeR!

If the response says that the value is of type milestone, it means that instead of a period of time, this is a specific date set as a milestone in the board as explained in this article.

What do you mean when you say “actual” and “planned” timelines? What is the difference and how are you setting that in your board?

Or are you referring to dates that have passed already as “actual” and the ones that have not concluded yet as “planned”? In that case, you can not differentiate them directly with the API. You need to compare the dates obtained with the current date on your end when you retrieve the data.

Looking forward to hearing from you :slightly_smiling_face: