Timelines in MY WEEK

I am new to MONDAY and really like the framework in general. However, the MY WEEK view is, frankly, quite terrible when it comes to timelines. Here is the issues I have with it:

When I use timelines instead of due dates, the respective items only appear in MY WEEK when the timeline is running out that same week. So, when someone is assigned to something in the timeframe Oct 1st until Nov 15th, he only sees this task in MY WEEK when it is already almost mid-november. Why? I mean, why? I can see that some people would like to do everything at the last minute, but I would much rather like to see what is on my plate way in advance. This HAS to be changed or at least it needs to become an option. Really, all it would take would be for the MY WEEK view to include an “Everything that’s on my plate” category, in addition to TODAY, EARLIER THIS WEEK etc.

To be clear, it will be impossible to get people on board in my work context when this basic issue would need a workaround (and I did try some, but nothing worked satisfyingly). This, in other words, is a potential dealbreaker for us and would, if unresolved, mean the cancellation of our subscription.