Timer automations

Hi, I might be missing it, but there does not appear to be a way to trigger an automation using a timer’s value. For instance, we have the “When a number is greater than…” automation, but it doesn’t appear you can do that with a timer. I want to say I must be missing something, because I would imagine that would be one of the first requests for timers, i.e. if timer is greater than x then change status to “late” etc. If this is not doable, it would be great if added. Thanks.


My team doesn’t use the time tracking portion of Monday too much. Our departments that it would benefit are out in our production line and they don’t all have access to Monday.

But I tried looking into this issue for you and unfortunately I couldn’t find a way for it to work. I thought maybe utilizing the formula column you could create an IF or SWITCH statement that then triggered a status change. But I think the root of the problem is that the Time Tracking column doesn’t update until it’s paused. Which means while it’s running it can’t be picked up by the formula column or provide updates until it’s paused again.

Now this can be accomplished with deadlines via the date column, but I’m not seeing an easy or in app solution currently for Time Tracking.

Maybe someone from the Monday team can chime in because this does seem like a key feature for those that rely on time tracking.

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@andrewalmand thanks for looking into it. I was unaware of the formula column–going to check that out ASAP!