Timesheet input

I am currently using a spreadsheet for the timesheets for over 30 volunteers. Its very manual and ideally i would like to have a form that they could enter themselves or their own monday login but as a charity none of the above is going to happen! So i need to build it in if possible - i have tried to attach an example of what the spreadsheet columns look like - is this something that can be done?

I have tried entering them as subitems but its going to get big and difficult to view quite quickly and I tried to enter it exactly as is and that was huge!

Any ideas?



I think your idea of putting the data in subitems will work. Have each item be a person and the subitems be the time tracking data. I would suggest creating a view filtered so that your users only see their own items. You invite everyone to the board as guests. They will be able to have access to the board and you won’t have to use any of your users. Guests don’t count, and can be used for all users with email addresses that are different than your domain.

Let me know if you would like help on how all this would work. Happy to help.

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It look like this post here Timesheet input - #2 by JCorrell might have answered your question, is that correct?

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