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Hello there. I think Monday is great and there are many options! I love it, but have one big concern, the lack of a proper timesheet. Would you please be so kind to make Monday complete?

It really doesn’t have to be complicated. To start with, why 9:00 to 12:00 time notation? Who cares? Most projectmanagers just need to know how many hours workers have spent on a Task each day (per employee, per day, with notes).

See example from Proworkflow. Only disadvantage of Proworkflow is that they don’t have custom fields for adding ‘Expected hours’. Say there is a Task of 8 hours. After 6 hours I find out that i stil need 4 hours to finisch it. By adding 4 ‘expected hours’, me as a projectmanager can ask to the worker why he/she needs 2 hours extra time. And if there is a good reason I can inform the Client in advance that there will be extra work on this task.

Just plain and simple. No approval flow but easily adjustable by the worker and the project manager until the moment the project manager or controller says the hours can no longer be adjusted.

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It’s great to hear that you are using monday.com to help track your time for projects!

Based on your request, rather than using The Hour Column or The Time Tracking Column , have you considered using The Numbers Column?

As an example, here’s one I built where the Allocated, Spent, and Expected columns are all numbers columns. I then use The Formula Column to calculate how many hours I have left after taking into consideration the expected hours:

({Allocated}+{Expected}) - {Spent}

While you cannot trigger automations or integrations based on or that include information from The Formula Column at this time, you can use and changes made to the “Expected” column to notify someone on your team that the timeline for that project has changed:

You can then include the information from the Allocated, Spent, and Expected columns to help show the adjusted timeline of the project:

Otherwise, I would encourage you to share this feedback on our feedback page here so that others can vote for their support of this change as well!: Feature Feedback

Our product team takes user feedback very seriously! In fact, many of our features began as user requests.

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :slight_smile:


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