Timout in api request using api-version 10/2023

Hi everybody, i wanted to share a problem i’m experiencing in the last couple of days after switching to the new 10-2023 API version.
I had no problems using the new items_page query with most of the company tables, but as i got to the last one(400 items) i get, both inside the playground and the actual program, this error: “errors”: [
“message”: “JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data”,
“stack”: “”
which i’m sure is due to a timeout in Monday’s server since the call takes more than a minute and the error disappears if i use a 10 items limit in the item_page node.
This is the call i’m making:
boards(ids: #){groups(ids:“#”) {
items_page(limit:25) {
items {
#,#,#, etc
]) {
where the ids i ask for inside column values are 13.
The complexity is around 10000 so again, it shouldn’t timeout. Also note it’s not a slow connection problem since i have the same issue when running the code on a vps. This kind of request takes seconds in the stable version so i must have overlooked something in this query.
Thank you in advance for any insight into this matter

Hi @Cheyenne,

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You mentioned that the query runs successfully when using limit:10. Is the query you posted the exact one you’re using when it runs successfully? I ask because this error typically is related to some kind of issue with the format of a query.

I copied and pasted your query and noticed a few missing curly brackets at the end of the query. I also got an error until I added the missing curly brackets, and then it ran successfully. Note that my query is slightly different based on my board/columns, but it still has a complexity right around 10,000.

query {
  boards(ids: 1234567890) {
    groups (ids:"topics") {
      items_page (limit:25) {
        items {
          column_values (ids:["numbers"]) {
            column {
  complexity {

If the issue persists after reviewing the format, could you please send a screenshot of the issue?


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Hi, thank you for your answer. I just forgot to double-check the query i’ve sent in my previous message but of course the real one i’m using is correct(otherwise there would be no way for it to work if i just changed the limit right?).
Since you asked, this is the message i get after 1 minute of processing in the playground:

In the playground the query works after 22 seconds if i set a 25 items_page limit but in the actual code it takes more than a minute so i get that error.

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Hello @Cheyenne would you be able to please send this over to appsupport@monday.com so we can take a closer look to it and open a report if necessary?

Looking forward to hearing from you via email!


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Good morning everyone. I’d like to share with you the developments of our issue.
As per your request, i’ve sent a mail to support asking for help, but i didn’t receive any useful fix. Then, suddenly, without any change in our code, the query has started working as expected a couple of days ago. It is my belief that there was some problem inside of the Monday api code that was successfully tackled by your engineers.
I will therefore mark this thread as closed.
Thanks again to anyone involved

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Hi @Cheyenne
Thank you for letting us know! and Sorry for the time you were waiting :cherry_blossom: