Tips for Column Management

We would like to track employee onboarding and offboarding tasks. We list the tasks in row and the the employee name in the column. We only have 40 employees now, but are rapidly expanding. How do we handle endless scrolling to find an employee? The column headers, which would contain the name, are also not searchable. Is there a better template for this?

Hi MeganP,

Iā€™m quite new to this, but I would suggest that you list the employee names in each row and the tasks in each column. So each new employee would add a new item (row). You would be able to vertically scroll through employees. You could reduce scrolling by grouping items (employees) in a useful way and collapsing some groups. Maybe you could group by month of enrolment? Alternatively, you could create an automation to move items to another board. Or you could archive items that are no longer of use. This format would make the employee names searchable.

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