Title of column in new API

How can we get the title of a column in the new API? I can’t seem to find any information about that.

{boards (ids:123456789) {columns (ids: "date4"){title}}}

works on both 2023-07 and 2023-10 versions of the API.

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Hello @basdebruin,
Thank you. Previously, I was using the title field in column_values in v1 but that seems to have been removed with no information about that in the release notes.

hi @kolaai

That is a different question :slight_smile: . Indeed 07 version supported:


which is changed in 10 version to


It is a little bit hidden in the documentation, see Column values v2 and notice a new field “column” representing the column object the value belongs to.


Very helpful. Thank you very much @basdebruin

Thank you so much @basdebruin for the information for @kolaai !!