To do list for each people that updates a master board

Hello everyone,

I would like to implement in Monday the following solution but I am not sure what are the best ways to do this :

  • I would like that each of our consultant has a personnal to do list with items that are in a master board.
  • I would like that each time a consultant achieve a task in his own todo list, it automatically updates the master board.

I was thinking about several options :

  • Create a filter for each people directly on the board
  • Use the my week widget to have a todo list by people
  • Connect two board (one personal connected with the master board)

Do you have any ideas or suggestions about doing this ?

Thank you,


HI @corentin.dalfarra we have had good success with the ‘my week’ widget. the nice thing about this, is that if you have more boards in the future then your consultants can see all their items from the different boards. something neither of the other 2 options provide.

personally I would suggest adding a due date column to your ‘master board’ so that they can utilize the update status from the my week widget. otherwise they will have to click into the master board before they can update the individual item which is a bit of a pain.

but if my week is too clunky, then I believe your 1st option to have a view for each person filtered to them. I have thought about this as a solution for some of our boards/clients, but so far haven’t set that up. Obviously a key factor there is how many consultants do you have and is there someone who will always go create that view when you get a new consultant. This option is slightly less appealing because there is a manual step in getting the view created for them.

But if you do go down that route let me know I’d be interested to hear if it works well for your team!

hope that helps!

Hi @timlittletech

Thank you for your answer ! It is more clear now.

I think that I will try with my week because as you said it is the most scalable and extendable option I get until now.

What I could also do is to have a dashboard for each consultant and add a filter view of the master board (and maybe other boards in the future) but as you suggest it could be a lot of configuration each time I have a new consultant or a new board to link…

The problem with my week is that I can only show the item name and the status but if I want more information I have to go on the board. Do you know if I can change parameters to choose which columns I displayin my week ?

Thank you, have a nice day,


Glad that helps, so far as I know there is not a way to add more columns to the my week view. And looking at the documentation there isn’t any mention of it

It seems limited to clicking on the item to see the card information. Which obviously works but doesn’t quite provide the same view.

One other thing to consider is I’ve trained our employees to filter the board by their person. This essentially accomplishes the same objective as creating different views, and I think Monday saves the filters on the board so when that particular employee goes back they should still see the board filtered to their assignments. This takes a little training but is much more sustainable than always creating a view for each person.


Hi @timlittletech

Thank you again for your help, I will try the two options (my week and board filter), and see what is the most convenient for the consultants.

Have a great day !


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