To use a formula column to update a status column

We would love to ability to have a simple “if text contains” formula that could update a status column. For instance: if a text contains “ABC” then update status to “ABC”. This would help us use the color-coding that the status column offers to keep better track of our tasks. I realize this is a pretty simple feature request, but it would help us in many of our processes, especially as our boards grow and we rely more heavily on at-a-glance views of our boards.


Check out this other post, I think it’s what you’re after.


Hello im after the same thing.
@Krishele i have readed this post but its not what @mrdjallen is looking for.
If i understood well, we are talking about controlling a status column value (make it change) from a formula column…

actually the status column only can be changed from an automation, the formula column would be great to control this.

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Hey @mrdjallen,

Our developers are in the process of working on custom automations. The ability to build out an automation and conditions from scratch. I will provide feedback to my developers regarding formula support.



Thats Fabby news. I have been wanting this facility too. Your automations are great but to be able to do custom automations will be great. That and SUB TASKS. Did l mention SUB TASKS yet :0)

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