Tracking Account Owner without creating a Task

We have setup a board for our Accounts (clients) and need to track who the Account Manager is. We initially tracked that using a People column since all AMs are also Monday users. However, due to the various dates we have with accounts (Go Live, Customer Since, Last Updated, etc) an Overdue item is showing on the CSM’s “My Work” tab.
How do I prevent a task from being created? Do I have to use a column type other than People?

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Hm, by default those items will display in My Work if that person is assigned, and that particular board has been selected in the settings. Can I ask if a dropdown or status column could be used to specify which AM is associated with the specific client/item? Although it would not necessarily function the same as the people column, you would be able to designate a dropdown or status label with each specific date (if these are set up across different columns). You can then set up automations for when a certain status/dropdown label (AM) is applied to an item.

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Thanks, Bianca! One of your teammates, Donald responded to a help request with a similar suggestion and a very well written explanation of why using a Status column would likely be the best option. We’ve since changed the column to a Status with each AM having their own label. I think this will fit our needs and keeps non-task items from showing in My Work. Thank you for the help!

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So glad to hear you’ve been able to get this set up, thanks for letting me know @TimR :smiling_face:

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