Tracking Video Minutes in Number Column for Dashboard Summation

The team I am on creates videos and tracks the runtime of each video in a Numbers column. I am looking to create a dashboard that sums the remaining minutes of video that need to be captioned. Currently, though, the Numbers column is producing a sum of the data as if it is a flat number, not recognizing it as minutes and seconds, which means the number I am pulling into the dashboard is incorrect.

Is there a way to have Monday recognize a numbers column as minutes/seconds? Alternatively, is there another functionality that would allow me to sum up minutes/seconds and then pull the sum of that data into a dashboard?

Thank you for any help you can provide!

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Hi @AmandaV :wave:

Have you tried using the time tracking column? We’ve used that column for something similar - we had a numbers column that we entered in the estimated hours the project would take to complete, then used the time tracking column while we were working on the project. Then, we used a formula column to calculate the difference between the two (aka, the estimated time remaining).

I would give that a try!

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