Transfer Files across board & attach to automated email

We have 2 different boards, one for CRM and another for Admin.
Our sales person attaches files on the CRM board and once a status is updated to “Sold”, all the data from the CRM board is moved to the Admin board for an administrator to process. I am unable to find a way to move the files from the CRM board to the Admin board. as seen below

Furthermore when an automated email is created the files are attached as links that only a user can access as seen below:

We share this problem too, we need a native solution for this…


Today, any web platform system has the ability to send pdf files generated inside the platform, credit card info, service invoices, web shop invoices, etc etc.
How come this cannot be done?

We are tryin from more than a year this, to generate pdf files via Eledo PDF and send them via gmail integration, as easy as this… and send our customer their files from each pulse. And we cant

Its a very basic need, in order to do professional boards.