Transfer information from to

Dear Community,

I want to transfer the information from to I would like to use Zapir for this. The problem is that the item isn’t recognized. For this reason I am looking for the general item ID of the e-mail address so that I can assign it correctly.

Can someone please tell me where and how I can find the item ID, or whether there is another way to integrate my appointment from (date and time) into for updating an existing item with item_name = unique Email address.

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Does calendly gives you appointment id? You should be able to use that.

Joschka wants to add an information to an existing item on a board.

In zapier he doesn’t know the item_id of this item. He only knows the item_name.
How can he find out the correct item_id? Or how can he query the board via zapier to find out the item_id? e.g. SELECT item_id FROM board WHERE item_name = ‘’;


Ah I see for that you would need to use more advanced automation tool like integromat.
See docs for Monday integration
Look for Search Items by their Column Values
You can use this to find the item using other columns - could be email + date + time.
After you got item get item id from
It and update the information that you need.
If you want to stay with Zapier you can use zapier code to query Monday graphql api instead.