Transferring Information from a main distribution board to an individual team member board

I have a zapier integration set up that pulls information from Schedule Once (call bookings) into Monday. It is all pulling through perfectly however I just cannot seem to get information from a main distribution board I have set up to an individual team member.

I have set up a main distribution where all new call bookings come in. From here they are assigned onto individual team members boards which all works fine however I have added a new member to the team today and her calls are not coming over to her board. I have set up automations etc within Monday and cannot seem to get it to work.

Can you please assist?

Hey Laura,

Did you manage to get this sorted?

I’m not sure I can see enough about your existing process to figure out why the new automation is failing. How do the working automations take the item from the distribution board to the team members board, and how does the one that isn’t working attempt to move them?