Trello Integration not syncing Status

Hi everyone,

we are using the Trello integration to have our clients’ requests bundled in monday.
However the most important feature of Trello - namely having a quick overview by status - appears not to be synced to monday. When setting up the integration I also couldn’t really figure out which of the options is supposed to be the status.
I would really appreciate some help so the Trello status is mirrored in monday.

Also: I am not sure whether this integration is a two-way-sync. As I unterstand it, only changes made in Trello are carried over to monday. Is that correct?

Thanks for any help in advance!

Hey there, which integration are you using?’s native integration?

Hi jillian,

How can I tell? I added the integration via the integration tab in my monday Board.

That means you are probably using their native integration! To learn more about the integration, I would contact the Monday team.

An alternative solution would be the company I work for, Unito. We create two-way integrations between Monday and Trello, with status being a field you can sync. You can read about it here -

I hope either solutions are of help to you, and you find what suits your needs :slight_smile:

thank you Jillian, another subscription is unfortunately not what we want.

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