Tried building apps using Google Cloud Functions?

Hi fellow app developers,

I was wondering if someone has already tried (or even better, succeeded) using Google Cloud Functions to host the services that would call when using integrations?

We have tried using the quickstart integrations directly on Google Cloud Functions but we were not able to deploy the functions. It seems to be related to Google Cloud Functions expecting a specific structure that the quickstart integration zip file doesn’t follow.

Looking forward to hearing about your own experience using Google Cloud functions.


We have used both google cloud functions and google run for our automations.
I would not use QuickStart but add relevant packages instead to examples that you find on google website

Hey @freek-gcompany,

Could you post a screenshot or some more details on the error you’re receiving when trying to set this up? This may be a case that some of our community experts would best be able to assist here.

Perhaps you could follow the steps @tpaktop described?


Thanks a lot for your replies.
@dsilva Here’s a screenshot of the error we got when trying to deploy the Cloud Function:

@tpaktop Are you referring to any specific websites on this topic, or just to “Google search” in general? If you have any specific resources we could consult, we’d be very interested if you could share.


We have an example here
I used this tutorial