Trigger a message (notice action) from custom integration

I have developed a custom integration (with node JS ).
my integration calls a custom action when a column value is changed by the user.
I want to display a message to user when the custom action success (or red message if my custom action was failed.)
Please note, I don’t want to create notification in the notifications area!!! I want to show something like this (without the undo button):
Is it possible?

Hey @tamar :wave:

That’s a great question! At this time, Integration recipes can not adjust what the user is actually seeing, apart from changing column values, creating items or sending notifications. It would not be possible to implement a pop-up to appear in this setup, I’m afraid.

I hope that helps clarify, although I realise this may not have been the answer you were looking forward to hearing.


@AlexSavchuk Thanks for your reply!
Do you know about workaround?
As I see here, we can combine custom integration with custom app. Is it really possible to show messages in monday’s board?


Thank you for circling back with me! You could make your app a board view or widget, and then make the same API calls you are looking to make by using the view. In that case, you could indeed show a pop-up message, but otherwise, integration recipes will not be able to affect the way the user is seeing his boards.

The only way to affect the way the user is seeing his board data would be to develop a custom view app, and in that case, you would have more control over what they are seeing.

Does that make sense? I hope it helps clarify!


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