Trigger through sub-items

I have a question about app triggers, I can put a value inside a sub-item as a trigger.
Example: A status within a sub-item triggers an app/integration trigger.
If so, how exactly do I do it?

Thanks in advance!


In this case, I would recommend using custom triggers. Then, you could use a sub-item level webhook to achieve what you are looking for:

You could also add those via the API, although I’m afraid you wouldn’t be able to configure specific status change as a webhook event, or a specific column change as a webhook trigger via the API.

I hope this helps! What do you think?


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Hi @franklin.oliveira
as far as I know subitems trigger are not yet available for app integrations.
Can you confirm, @AlexSavchuk?
And, since we are talking about it, do you have any time plan for the release?

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I’d love to clarify!

You wouldn’t be able to set up app framework in-built triggers for sub-item columns, but you could definitely use sub-item webhooks as a custom trigger to run actions in your app, as a workaround. Does that make sense?

I’m afraid I am not able to provide any kind of ETA as of yet, but I appreciate you checking in on this feature :slight_smile: I definitely understand how this could help.



I will test it, I think it will work! Thanks for the direction.

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