Triggering a notification X hrs after pulse is created

USE CASE - sending a notification X hrs after pulse is created. Unfortunately, automations are not able to use either HOURS or FORMULAs.

We have a customer with a 4-hour SLA that wants to

(1) Change the status of the item to URGENT if the 2-hour mark has been hit and the status is not COMPLETED
(2) Receive a warning at the 2-hour mark that his time is half gone

If we can do (1), we can do (2). Here is what I have tried and why it didn’t work:

  1. Formula column based on Time Tracker. IF({Time Tracking}/3600 >= 4, “SLA Over”, IF({Time Tracking}/3600 >= 2, “Urgent”, “Good”)). The column correctly displays Good for 0 – 2 hours, Urgent for 2 – 4 hours, and SLA Over after 4 hours. However, changes to a formula column cannot by used by any automations so we can’t do (2)

  2. Added “Urgent Date/Time” date column. Date columns allow the user to set Time too, if desired. So I set the times for 3 items and ran the following automation at 1 PM

This did not work because the automation only paid attention to the date in the Date column. The second item was still before the time specified, so it was not Urgent yet.

  1. Tried adding an Hours column but it did nothing.

  2. There is no way to use a formula to cause a status to change.

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It would be really helpful to be able to use automations from non-status columns to change statuses, and for use in other automations. +1 (a million times)!

Hi @straister! Thanks for posting about this, you will have this option when dynamic recipes are released to build your own recipe sentence. This is coming soon so stay tuned! Cheers!