Triggers using APIv2

I am using Monday API v2 service to develop an integration service.I am struck on how to develop following two triggers.

1.Trigger when item moved from a group.
2.Trigger when item updated.

Please suggest a way if possible to implement these through the API v2.I could not found any solution in the documentation.

Hi @krishna,

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This is achievable using the monday Apps framework.

You can use these two triggers in your app to run your application.

The ‘When any Column Changes’ trigger will fire any time a column value is updated.

For more information on the monday Apps framework, please check out this link ->

Hey @mitchell.hudson,

Thanks for the reply.

But we want to use API endpoints instead of using the App framework.It would be great if you can provide any solution to achieve this using API.

Hi @krishna,

I am sorry, I don’t quite understand what you are looking for. Can you please expand a little bit?

The monday Apps framework, provides you with an ability to use triggers from the monday platform to run actions (the code that you have created).

The API is used to query or mutate data on the monday platform. The API isn’t responsible for triggering an action.

If you don’t what to use the monday apps framework, then you could look at using Webhooks. More information can be found here ->
This would allow you to run your endpoint based on one of these actions.

Hi @mitchell.hudson

I will elaborate on the scenario I am looking for.

Let us consider an example:

I want to perform certain action when New item is created.I can find out that new item is created by creating poll request which runs every 2 mins that queries for any new item.I implemented polling instead of webhook because there are only few webhook events available as of now in the documentation.

In the same way I want to query when an item is moved to a group and when an item is updated but I am unable to find a corresponding query in the developer documentation.

I will be happy to explain more if needed.


@krishna, Ok, I understand now.

I will really try to push you towards monday apps! It will greatly benefit you.

Firstly, polling is very an inefficient and resource heavy process.

Using the app triggers that I mentioned earlier, would meet your requirements.

This means that you don’t need to poll every 2 minutes as it will trigger automatically. You won’t need to store data of old items to check if there is a new item on the board.

Once you have created your recipe, you can then set up this integration on your board.

You would be looking at building an integration. This is the best place to start

A monday app trigger is essentially a webhook. They act in the same way that it will call your endpoint when an event happens.

If you require more information on monday Apps, feel free to reach out, I am more than happy to provide some assistance.


Firstly thank you for such quick responses.

So only solution for achieving those triggers is by creating a recipe and currently no API queries are available to implement them.


No problems.

Yes, the only way you could check if an item has moved groups would be to poll and replicate every single item in your board.

Using monday Apps is going to be a much cleaner, more efficient and practical solution.

All the work is already done for you. You just need to write the code for what should happen when one of these events has occurred.