Trophies and badges for CRM Monday


Is it possible to have like a badge/classement system where our agents gain badges or levels or something like that according to their work (numbers, how much time they spend on the crm, green clients, lost clients, etc)

Does it exist?

Greetings and thank you,

Hello @hbsfrance,

As far as I’m aware, doesn’t have a system like that natively. You can check out the Praises app by @thusitha whether it meets your needs

Hey @hbsfrance ,

I’m afraid that we do not have a system like this in place, but I do think @kolaai’s suggestion here might be similar to what you’ve outlined :slight_smile:

I’ve also moved this topic to the CRM section, as the monday apps and developers section is focused on questions related to the API and apps framework. Likely, you’ll get more input from our community members there :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!