Troubleshooting Onboarding Process for a Monday Marketplace App

We are developing a monday Marketplace App with an automation templates, that require an account with our platform to work.
We would like to achive a good onboarding experience for a new user afer installing our App from the Marketplace, that would drive her to register for a free trial with our plaform BEFORE attempting to configure a template (because it will not work without an account).
We registered a monday “Feature” of “Board view” type, which we built as a page with some guidance info and a link to start oauth flow, that results in registration with our plaform. For users, that already have an account (and a session) in our platform, this page will display some additional info and possibly some settings. We called this board view “App settings”, but it’s really not board-specific at all and is global to the App.

According to monday documentation (User onboarding), we can configure this page to be the first page an admin user lands on after installing the app from the marketplace.
For that, we wen to the “Onboarding” section of the app configuration in Developer Center, choose “Specific feature or a template as a starting point” and then selected our “App settings” board view from the list.

We wanted to verify that this process works as intended with the development version of our App (not listed on the Marketplace).
So we copied the sharing link of the App and opened it in another browser session with some logged-in monday account (not a developer account, just a trial monday organization).
However, after approving the installation, we get to the list of all the installed apps. An onboarding process, as described in the documentation, doesn’t start.
If we click on the installed App, we get the App details display. And if we click “Use App”, the user is prompted to select workspace / board selection, and then she is navigated to the “App settings” view of the selected board.

So I wonder:
Is this because the App is not listed on the Marketplace?
Or maybe because the App was installed and uninstalled a couple of times in the monday account (i.e. the onboarding experience triggers only on the first install)?
Or does this mean that the user always has to click on the installed app and then on “Use App” to start the onboarding experience?

Hello there @Timelines,

It is because the app is not listed in the marketplace yet!

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